Ashton Ireland, Managing Director

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Ash created the Hãhã wine brand in 2011, utilising his diverse experience from a leading New Zealand winery, a renowned high fashion company, and an award-winning retailer.

Ash gained an extensive background in global wine marketing and basic winemaking with a top Hawke’s Bay wine company.  Combined with his earlier Accounting degree from Massey University and experience as Financial Controller in the 1990’s-2000’s, these credentials provide a sound grounding to build our rapidly growing New Zealand wine label.  Ash looks after all domestic and international sales.

Ash is always keen to include some fun in the mix, especially if it works up a sweat like mountain biking, and his mountain bike often accompanies him as Ash shares his passion for Hãhã wines around the globe.


Office direct dial: +64 6 833 7859
Mobile: +64 21 426577


Daniel Nelson, General Manager

We welcomed Daniel to the team in June 2017.  With a strong commercial background and having worked for many years with a global corporate, Daniel has returned to New Zealand with his young family, and now looks forward to making Hawke’s Bay his home.

Daniel is responsible for all aspects of the company making sure it runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis.  This includes planning and strategy, finance and customer service.

Outside of work, his three kids keeps him busy – and on the odd occasion, he likes to try and keep fit.

Office direct dial: +64 6 833 7851
Mobile: +64 27 295 7238


Jen Cho, Marketing & Operations

Jen joined the team in Dec 2016 and brings with her a wealth of experience in marketing and sales in the wine, juice, hospitality, export and tourism industries, and has successfully established and run her own bar and restaurant.  Combined with her Bachelor of Wine Science and Bachelor of Commerce degrees, she has also done several vintages in the wine industry and fits in perfectly with the Hãhã team.

She will be looking after all things marketing, planning, logistics, orders and accounts.  And probably some other things too.

Jen doesn’t like to take life too seriously, and just loves food, wine (and beer) – which is why she lives in sunny Hawke’s Bay!

Office direct dial: +64 6 833 7850
Mobile: +64 21 707474


John Belsham, Hãhã Consultant Winemaker

John BelshamJohn has 35 years of wine industry experience, and owns the winemaking consulting group, Wine Focus Ltd.  He is an international winemaker, businessman, consultant and critic.

John began his wine career in 1977 in Bordeaux, France, with a winemaking apprenticeship, then returned to New Zealand as assistant winemaker at Nobilo Vintners in the early 1980’s. He worked as wine maker at Matua Valley, then moved to Hunter Vines, Marlborough in the late 1980’s, as winemaker. John established Rapaura Vintners in 1991, and founded his own label, Foxes Island Wines, in 1992.

John is the Wine Panel Chair for Australasia’s leading food and wine magazine, Cuisine, and has held the role of Wine Consultant to Air New Zealand since July 2000.  He is a founding member and current Chair of the New Zealand Screw Cap Initiative, and has held a number of board positions and advisory roles, as well as speaking at conferences.


Emma Lowe, one of our Winemakers

Emma LoweEmma’s interest in wine began as a teenager when she moved to Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand’s second largest grape growing area.  In 2006, she graduated with a degree in winemaking from Adelaide University in Australia.

Emma has worked in wineries all over the world, including Australia, Switzerland, South Africa, France, and Chile.  Living in Chile for three years, it became her second home:  she worked for a family owned winery, and then moved on to manage one of the wineries of Santa Helena, part of Chile’s 2nd largest winery group, San Pedro.

Emma has now settled back in Hawke’s Bay, bringing her (now) husband, Marcelo with her.  Together with her parents, she planted the grapes, designed and built her own winery, and started her own label, Monowai.  She has also started a family, and their two young children love to help out!


Gary Duke, one of our Winemakers

Gary DukeGary Duke is the Winemaker of our fantastic Brut Cuvee.  Gary has a long and illustrious career in the wine industry, and is an expert in sparkling and still white wines.  He began his career in the wine industry in 1981, as an Assistant Winemaker at Tisdalls Wines in Echuca, Victoria.

Gary recently stepped aside from his role as Chief Winemaker for Hunter’s in Marlborough, after 25 years at the helm of the winemaking team.  His wine making talents enabled Hunters to reap numerous awards and accolades, with each vintage winning either a gold medal or a trophy, so Gary has a well deserved reputation as one of New Zealand’s leading Winemakers.