Hãhã wines are our toast to the full-flavoured goodness of Aotearoa, New Zealand. As we reach the top, we discover something new and exciting, reflect on the journey, savour the prize. Hãhã in Maori means savoury and luscious, attributes clearly reflected in our wines. While selecting our wines we look for quality drinking and value for money. We strip out pretension, stuffiness, overinflated ego – what’s left is top-quality fine wine that’s easy on the pocket and a joy to drink.

Taste the terroir

It begins with the earth. Terroir dictates the flavour in the glass: soil-type, climate and landscape all working together to create a unique base from which each varietal takes its signature characteristics. Our selection of Hãhã wines are sourced from the Marlborough and Hawke’s Bay regions of New Zealand, but our selectors keep an open mind. Our field of vision is broad and we don’t narrow our horizon, which means we can select from any region in the country – as long as the drinking’s right.

Hãhã presents a stunning sauvignon blanc, a delicious pinot noir, and a charming chardonnay, all signature Marlborough wines and excellent examples of their type exhibiting the distinctive notes these varieties are famous for.  In 2014, we added a zesty pinot gris and a succulent merlot from sunny Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand’s second largest wine region, which has been producing fine wine since 1851.  In 2016, we released a beautiful brut cuvee, aged on lees for five years.

All our vineyards, wineries and bottling facilities are certified as 100% sustainable by Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand, which means they are committed to employing and continually improving environmentally responsible procedures.

Selected with confidence

At the heart of Hãhã, our wine panel taste and select the very best wine in New Zealand. This highly skilled panel includes wine judge John Belsham who is Wine Panel Chair for Cuisine magazine and Wine Consultant to Air New Zealand. John has a naturally keen wine sense and a long history working in the wine industry, both as maker and consultant, in New Zealand and France.

Hãhã wines are premium wines crafted for exceptional value. We understand that being passionate about wine doesn’t come hand in hand with expensive tastes. We believe that wine lovers should have their desires satisfied in a way that’s also affordable. Wine tasting looks at clarity, varietal character, integration, expressiveness, complexity and connectedness – but you don’t need to worry about all that because that’s our job.Simply speaking, wine tasting is about five things: what you see, swirl, sniff, sip and savour. At Hãhã we concentrate our efforts on the first four so you can savour each glass.

Hãhã is a happy contradiction. Fun and friendly on one hand, and, on the other, seriously passionate about good wine.

To find out more about how our fantastic wine goes from grape to glass, check out this short video.